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Join conditions

1. Have rich business experience, high comprehensive quality, good business reputation, and abide by relevant national laws, regulations and relevant management systems.

2, must be determined to engage in the industry for a long time, with the spirit of pioneering, not afraid of hardship;

3, must be in the form of a specialty store special store, the area of the store should not be less than 50 square meters.

4. Qualified for legal business. With logistics and distribution capabilities.

5, with good after-sales service and management capabilities, an independent installation team can handle customer complaints and disputes independently.

6, has a certain economic strength, used for store rental, decoration and the first purchase.


Joining process

1. Consult the franchise and prepare for the preliminary fund and market investigation.

2. Communicate with the company's investment department and obtain relevant product information.

3. Fill in the dealer application form to understand the policy of dealers joining

4. The company sends people to make appointments to negotiate specific policies and conditions, and conduct field visits.

5. Signed a formal authorization contract after comprehensive evaluation

6. After paying a certain brand franchise, the company issues an authorization certificate.

7. The company can open the business after training and guidance to the dealers.

Advantages of joining operations:

1. UMT can provide professional technicians and technical training, so that the sales team can improve sales skills, thus greatly improving sales performance.

2. Agents can obtain regional maintenance of UMT, ensure regional operation, and provide bearings quickly. UMT can provide free promotion for agents.

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