SKF Insight Bearing technology helps rail vehicles reduce maintenance costs


SKF Intelligent bearing technology is applied in new projects to monitor axlebox bearing status wirelessly

SKF Recently, in cooperation with the Swedish railway operator SJ, SKF Insight technology has been applied to railway vehicles. This test will demonstrate the technical and commercial advantages of SKF Insight's intelligent bearing technology in retrofitting wheelset axlebox components for railway passenger vehicles.

These advantages include improved operational efficiency of railway passenger vehicles, while gradually reducing maintenance costs and safely extending the maintenance intervals of wheel-to-bearing bearings.。

SKF Insight It is a new generation of bearing technology that uses self-powered and intelligent sensors and wireless devices on conventional bearings. The new rail system combines the node and wireless gateway infrastructure so that each set of wheelset data can be collected and transmitted in real time to a remote server for analysis. The system is easily retrofitted into existing wheel sets without the need for improvements.

This allows railway engineers to safely switch from reactive or planned maintenance methods to predictive maintenance. In the former maintenance method, the bearing is replaced periodically regardless of the state of the bearing, and in predictive maintenance, the bearing will only be replaced when it reaches a certain degree of wear. Other advantages include reduced operational accidents and reduced losses from incorrect train hot-axis inspections.

“Although wireless monitoring systems have been tested before, they lack the smart and self-powered technology of SKF Insight. Equally important, the knowledge and experience of other suppliers is far less than that of SKF because we have been Has been engaged in the manufacture and installation of wheel-bearing bearings and condition monitoring tools for the railway industry,” explains SKIF project manager Maurizio Giovannelli.。

“This test is part of SJ's efforts to find new technology solutions. Pär Söderström, technical expert at SJ Automotive, said that we are gradually overhauling the vehicle to further improve reliability and improve cost control. We can see the great potential that SKF brings to wireless technology after this test. , we will evaluate this together。

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