FAG Active magnetic suspension bearing: higher performance, adapt to higher voltage


Suitable for FAG active magnetic bearings with a shaft weight of 700 kg, it has powerful electronic control functions for higher dynamic load carrying capacity and excellent unbalanced force compensation. In addition, Schaeffler offers its customers prototypes of active magnetic suspension bearing systems with a shaft weight of less than 700 kg for specific conditions. Schaeffler first adopted electronic design. Thanks to Schaeffler's condition monitoring and intelligent evaluation technology, this magnetic suspension bearing system enables continuous monitoring, upgrades and other functions to achieve optimum operating conditions and stress conditions. This technology enables predictive analysis and preventative maintenance to extend the life of the product.

High performance standardized solution

Schaeffler's partner development partner Siemens has developed a standardized electronic control system and power electronics for the drive technology industry for over 700 kg axle load solutions. Therefore, Schaeffler offers its customers various types of Products with different performance levels are available for customers to choose from. Therefore, the FAG active magnetic suspension bearing can be matched to a 14A to 150A inverter and used on an intermediate circuit of 540 VDC. These electronic products far exceed the current market's 300 volt maximum DC voltage products, which can increase the air gap of the magnetic suspension bearing and adjust the electronic equipment according to the customer's specific requirements. By using a higher current at a constant voltage, the dynamic load bearing performance of the magnetic suspension bearing can also be greatly improved. Under this technical condition, the rotor has a higher unbalanced force and can be safely and stably supported by magnetic suspension bearings.

Recently, the company has developed a series of small magnetic bearing systems for shaft weights of 700 kg or less. These systems are the first to use Schaeffler-developed power electronics. Schaeffler's electronics comply with the standards of the drive technology industry and are compatible with all current bus systems and interfaces.

Schaeffler offers a range of drive technology solutions with unique adaptability to meet different process requirements. In the past, plant operators had to develop a separate power electronics for each process. With the adaptability of FAG active magnetic suspension bearing electronics, customers can control the operation of the magnetic suspension bearing itself.

Condition monitoring device for process optimization

Compared to other magnetic suspension bearing systems of various sizes currently on the market, FAG active magnetic bearings have a decisive product advantage: rolling bearings can be matched for use as support bearings. In the event of "landing" or shaft descent, the FAG PROCHECK condition monitoring system can quickly detect abnormal bearing conditions, thereby reducing downtime. With the FAG PROCHECK condition monitoring system, the unit can be quickly resumed without the need for time-consuming inspections using support bearings.

The on-line monitoring and continuous process optimization of the condition monitoring system fully corresponds to the technical route advocated by the German Industry 4.0 project. It can detect and identify the causes in a timely manner in the early stages of the failure, and take relevant countermeasures in a timely manner. This system improves equipment reliability, improves overall equipment efficiency (OEE), and reduces total equipment cost of ownership. Utilizing Schaeffler's remote monitoring unit, combined with its bearing and system technology, customers can detect defects and malfunctions in time without having to go to the site.

Complete integrated system

Combined with the FAG brand active magnetic suspension bearing system solution, the Schaeffler Group has successfully developed an industry-recognized system to meet the increasingly stringent reliability and stability requirements of all sizes of machinery. By combining the core technology of backup and active magnetic suspension bearings with system analysis and standardized electronics in the drive technology industry, Schaeffler has achieved a significant leap in product performance and efficiency.

The development of magnetic suspension bearings and support bearings, as well as the design and manufacture of the entire system, was done at Schaeffler. Schaeffler is currently working with customers to finalize the system。

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