UMT 10 years of bearing manufacturer experience
  • Medical Care


    The size range of bearings for medical instruments provided by our company is 2-15mm inner diameter, metric system, British system. These bearings have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, friction resistance, safety and long service life.

    The production of medical equipment bearings 694zz, s623zz, s682zz, s684zz, smr106zz, 6900-2rs, 6200-srs, etc., are mainly used in medical respirator, minimally invasive medical equipment, ultra pure water equipment, medical imaging equipment, physiotherapy analysis and other aspects. The bearing of medical equipment and equipment is made of 440C material or mixed ceramic material. Considering the medical environment of the hospital, our company generally adopts the process of pollution-free grease or oil-free drying to keep the equipment clean and ensure the safety and reliability.

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