UMT 10 years of bearing manufacturer experience
  • Paper Industry

    The paper industry is a kind of paper products manufacturing industry. It is an important industry closely related to the development of national economy. It involves forestry, agriculture, machinery ...


    Mining Machinery

    Cement mine mechanical bearings are mostly used in sparsely populated, harsh environment and other areas. In this environment, any equipment failure will affect the overall situation. This requires th...


    Rail Transit

    Railway operation needs technical and economic solutions with low life cycle cost. Therefore, the axle box bearings need to minimize maintenance needs. The axle box bearings must be able to operate in...


    Mining Industry

    Whether in the initial design stage or in the application site, we have rich experience to provide solutions. The mining equipment has been working in a hard environment for a long time, bearing heavy...


    Wind Energy Solution

    In the field of wind power generation, we rely on advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, complete product series to provide wind turbine customers and related GearBox customers with the ...



    The most demanding working environment in the world requires the best bearings. There are few such harsh working conditions as rolling mills, continuous casters or converters in the metallurgical indu...


    Agricultural Machinery

    According to relevant estimates, by 2010, the annual demand for large and medium-sized horsepower tractors will reach about 100000, and the number of combine harvesters will be 50000. In addition, the...


    Medical Care

    The size range of bearings for medical instruments provided by our company is 2-15mm inner diameter, metric system, British system. These bearings have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, fri...


    Electric power industry

    Why do power plant users trust us as always? The answer is: reliable products! Sincere service! Successful cases! Our bearings can withstand the rigorous test of time and working environment, which ca...

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